Borrowing options available for good and bad credit with longer and medium term packages available direct from the  instant lenders.

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QuickBridgingLoans.UK: Residential bridging finance.

Residential bridging.

We can offer funding to home owners for any purpose ranging from for personal pleasure use through to debt settlement and even in the event of a property chain sale break.

 Bad Credit 

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Adverse borrowing history finance.

Bad credit history.

We are a totally independent lender using our money. This means we are not constrained by strict banking rules as mainstream lenders are and can organise your quick loan based solely on your equity.


QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Commercial funding.

Business finance.

Our commercial borrowing services covers everything relating to business needs. From property investment, through refurbishment, renovation or even to simply ease cash flow problems.

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Possibly the fastest bridging loans lender in the UK.

Whether we are your first port of call for a bridge, or if you have been refused by the High Street banks or mainstream lenders, or both, we can complete in a timeframe that will astonish you. That is if you are in need of a bridging loan so quick, it will be available almost in an instant.  In extreme cases, such as to stop a property repossession, we have been contact in the early morning, got a surveryor out to value the house being used as security, advised the borrower to use our legal team, got all the paperwork across to his lawyer who has confirmed everything, received back the signed paperwork and electronically despatched the bridging finance before 3pm. A same day, affordable, bridging loan.

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We understand that not everybody needs to move the very same day, however, we know it is possible to do.  We will actually work to your time frame, not ours, to bring you cheap and competitive rates of interest and financing options even if you have a poor or adverse credit history.

We are currently in the process of a total design and development project of this website which means that it could be lacking in certain bits of information regarding bridging finance and the other forms of both home owner and business loans we offer. Also, the contact form may only work intermittently. We suggest that you visit for the best bridging loans whilst the work is ongoing. Don't worry, the enquiry still comes through to us. It is a partner site that we have.

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Auction finance

Irrespective of whether you are a registered as a business, are a property investor, or a simply a normal person looking at buying a home via a property auction, we can offer a short term funding solution for your needs.

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Unsecured loan

Not on do we offer the standard form of business bridging loans, we can offer many alternatives to help companies from practically any commercial sector. We guarantee very flexible and low interest repayments.

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Revolving credit

A relatively new product ot the UK, we have an investor connected to us that offers a revolving credit facility. Unlike a convention loan, you don't pay interest on the full amount borrowed but only on the funds you have actually used.

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2nd charge loans

When a longer term solution is required, we can offer a second charge borrowing option that gives you more time to repay any amount you are advanced secured against property or land that is UK based. 

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What We Offer

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Speedy bridging finance.We don't just offer short term bridging loans either. We can also organise:

  • Medium term secured loans.
  • Long term secured loans.
  • 2nd charge secured loans.
  • Revolving credit facilities.
  • Unsecured business loans.

meet the team

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Instant bridge loans.Mr. G. Usher - Principal lender at FSB

With over a decade of experience within the private and independent bridging loans market, Mr. Usher has overseen financing for every conceivable reason or business idea imagineable.  Whilst you may not always get to deal with Mr. Usher, he has surrounded himself with people that are top of their field.