Borrowing options available for good and bad credit with longer and medium term packages available direct from the  instant lenders.

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QuickBridgingLoans.UK: Residential bridging finance.

Secured on your house.

Some form of security is required for any kind of funding we offer to residential property owners. If you wish to carry on living in said house, then we only offer regulated bridging loans.

 Bad Credit 

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Adverse borrowing history finance.

Bad credit history.

We are a totally independent lender using our money. This means we are not constrained by strict banking rules as mainstream lenders are and can organise your quick loan based solely on your equity.


QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Commercial funding.

Business finance.

Our commercial borrowing services covers everything relating to business needs. From property investment, through refurbishment, renovation or even to simply ease cash flow problems.

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Regulated bridging loans for home owners.

Bridging finance for residential use come with specific terms and conditions. It is a short term option only. repayment terms are between one and twelve months. Unlike conventional secured loans which have the interest pre-loaded to the amount borrowed at the start of the financing, a bridge's interest is calculated and paid monthly. this is why it is a very good option for those in need of a very short term fix. If you clear the full amount within a couple of months, you only make a couple of interest repayments.

For example, if you borrow £10,000 from a bank at 7% interest over 5 years, before you even make a payment, you already owe the interest. 7% on 10k is £700.00 over five years is £3500.00 regardless of if you pay it back quickly. In fact you could find yourself owing more more with an early repayment charge. With a bridging loan of 10k from us at an average rate of interest of 1.5% per month, cleared in three months, you would only pay £150.00 per month in interest charges with no early repayment penalty. £350.00 to borrow ten thousand pounds.

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Another advantage with us is that we don't lend on credit score. We base our funding on equity, so if you have been refused elsewhere but have cleared a minimum of 35% of your mortgage or other monies secured against your home, we are still in a position to lend to you, irrespective of a poor, adverse or bad credit rating.

Our short term financing packages can be used for any purpose too. So if you have had a break in a property chain, you can use one of our home owner bridging loan packages to purchase your next home and clear the full amount once you sell your currenty house. If you want to consolidate several different debts into one place until you sell your home, or any expected windfall (stocks or bond maturing, pension cash in, sale of a second property, inheritance etc,.) clears, you are quite at liberty to do so. Get in contact with us and we will work with you, not against you to match your needs to a funding package that is tailored specifically to your needs. Four quick and easy steps to a regulated bridging loan for residential use.

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The fastest road to getting a bridge cleared and in your account ready to use is to get in touch with us immediately. We are not pyschic. Pick up the phone, use the online provisional application form or send us an email.

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Home valuation.

As credit history is of little importance to us, we will need to instruct a property surveyor local to you to conduct a full valuation on your home. this is for both your and our security. If the valuation adds up, paperwork is started.

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We understand that time is probably of the essence. We have a 'one size fits all' legal documentation process. It's fast, it's easy and no nonsense. Simply complete with your solicitor and send it back to us.

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Money paid.

Once we receive the signed and confirmed completed paperwork, we can either despatch your bridging loan in an instant or set the transaction to land in your nominated bank accunt on a date you specify in the paperwork.

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What We Offer

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Speedy bridging finance.We don't just offer short term bridging loans either. We can also organise:

  • Medium term secured loans.
  • Long term secured loans.
  • 2nd charge secured loans.
  • Revolving credit facilities.
  • Unsecured business loans.

meet the team

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Instant bridge loans.Mr. G. Usher - Principal lender at FSB

With over a decade of experience within the private and independent bridging loans market, Mr. Usher has overseen financing for every conceivable reason or business idea imagineable.  Whilst you may not always get to deal with Mr. Usher, he has surrounded himself with people that are top of their field.