Borrowing options available for good and bad credit with longer and medium term packages available direct from the  instant lenders.

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QuickBridgingLoans.UK: Residential bridging finance.

Residential bridging.

Speak directly to a principal lender about a specific type of borrowing or get an overview of all the forms of financing offered through our crowd funded group of independent, bonafide, reputable lenders.

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AdMainFinance marketing and design department.

The website designers.

If there is something you like, or you find something that isn't functioning properly on this website, you can speak to the team that manages it for the lenders directly. Business owners can even get a design quote.

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QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Commercial funding.

Business finance.

Funding for cxommercial entities, property developers, estate management companies etc., works slightly different than the residential sector, so we have a dedicated department to deal uniquely in this.

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Getting in touch with us today.

Use just the one number or contact form and simply explain if it is a business or home owner enquiry and you will be redirected accordingly. We pride ourselves on a professional, discreet, fast service on all the diferent types of financing we offer.

This includes almost instant bridging loans for both commercial and residential use, a longer term, secured 2nd charge loan and asset finance all available for those with a poor, adverse or bad credit history, including those with CCJs, IVA registered and declared bankrupts. Our shorter term options can also be used to stop a property repossession.

We also offer unique funding options for those with a good credit rating. For business we have unsecured guarantor loans and for both home owner and commercial entities, or for properrty development purposes we have a flexible revolving credit facility.

All funding options can be used for BMV property purchases or as auction finance.

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