Borrowing options available for good and bad credit with longer and medium term packages available direct from the  instant lenders.

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QuickBridgingLoans.UK: Residential bridging finance.

Residential bridging.

We can offer funding to home owners for any purpose ranging from for personal pleasure use through to debt settlement and even in the event of a property chain sale break.

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QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Adverse borrowing history finance.

Secured against property.

We conduct a minimal credit only. we have found that post credit crunch, many people unfortunately got a few black marks in their credit file. Banks will not lend because of this. However, we will based on equity.


QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Commercial funding.

Business finance.

Our commercial borrowing services covers everything relating to business needs. From property investment, through refurbishment, renovation or even to simply ease cash flow problems.

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Secured funding for those with an adverse credit history.

Post credit crunch, the rules and regulations on lending for banks, building societies, mainstream and regulated lenders have changed to try to ensure the country doesn't experience another crunch. The Government has tightened up all lending laws. New restriction are also coming in all the time too, making even more difficult for those with an adverse or poor credit score to get the funding the need or want. The lastest being on the 21st of March 2016.

Mainstream banks and High Street banks are suffering because of this, however, we are not. As we are independent lenders, we are able to lend not on Government enforced lending criteria and credit history, but on equity alone. If the loan to value (LTV) is 65% or better, than chances are we will approve your application of short term funding. Practically guaranteed bad credit bridging loans.

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The entire process is kept stupidily simple too. We work to the KISS method. Keep It Stupidly Simple. the online contact form, should you choose to get in touch that way, consists are eight question, a data captcha code and a submit button. The information we need is then delievered to us. Or you can phone us for a quick chat. Within a few minutes, we have the information needed to send you out a tailored financing packages, along with terms and conditions.

If your figures, like property valuation and outstanding loans and mortgages are factual, all it needs then is a solicitors approval and your signature and your poor credit bridging finance can be electronically despatched to your nominated bank account. Quick, easy,no hassle, no worries bridging loans for residnetial borrowers or for commercial use. Plus if you decide not to use us, there are no fees for you to pay for the quote process.

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Auction finance

Irrespective of whether you are a registered as a business, are a property investor, or a simply a normal person looking at buying a home via a property auction, we can offer a short term funding solution for your needs.

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Unsecured loan

Not on do we offer the standard form of business bridging loans, we can offer many alternatives to help companies from practically any commercial sector. We guarantee very flexible and low interest repayments.

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Revolving credit

A relatively new product ot the UK, we have an investor connected to us that offers a revolving credit facility. Unlike a convention loan, you don't pay interest on the full amount borrowed but only on the funds you have actually used.

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2nd charge loans

When a longer term solution is required, we can offer a second charge borrowing option that gives you more time to repay any amount you are advanced secured against property or land that is UK based. 

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What We Offer

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Speedy bridging finance.We don't just offer short term bridging loans either. We can also organise:

  • Medium term secured loans.
  • Long term secured loans.
  • 2nd charge secured loans.
  • Revolving credit facilities.
  • Unsecured business loans.

meet the team

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Instant bridge loans.Mr. G. Usher - Principal lender at FSB

With over a decade of experience within the private and independent bridging loans market, Mr. Usher has overseen financing for every conceivable reason or business idea imagineable.  Whilst you may not always get to deal with Mr. Usher, he has surrounded himself with people that are top of their field.