Borrowing options available for good and bad credit with longer and medium term packages available direct from the  instant lenders.

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QuickBridgingLoans.UK: Residential bridging finance.

Our homeowner loans.

You can be safe in the knowledge that we have a panel of independent private lenders that specialise solely in bridging finance and secured loan options specifically for home owners or for residential usage.

 Bad Credit 

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Adverse borrowing history finance.

Bad credit history.

We are a totally independent lender using our money. This means we are not constrained by strict banking rules as mainstream lenders are and can organise your quick loan based solely on the equity you have in your estate.


QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Commercial funding.

Our commercial finance.

Our panel or crowd funded group of lenders are experts in business lending and also borrowing for property development or auction or BMV  purchases. Independent and private lenders only contactable through us.

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Probably the larget independent crowd source bridging loan network in the UK.

Ever since 2013, the finance marketing department of AdMain.Co.UK, AdMainFinance-UK has worked exclusively with the crownsourced group of private and independent lenders associated with FirstStopBridging. The plain and simple fact is that after the recession, which supposedly ended in 2011, banks, building societies and High Street lenders have had tough lending restrictions enforced on them. The knock effect meant that those affect by the credit crunch, and left with  a poor or adverse credit history because of, have found it hard to obtain lines of credit. As we are a totally independent group, we are not constrained by these Government enforced measured and are free to lend to those with a bad credit score.

 Apply online 

Whilst AdmainFinanceUK have no input to the lending procedure, they do own and maintain the websites. Any website related enquiries would need to go through to them and not the lenders. The actual lenders are private and remain anonymous. the contacrt for these is First Stop Bridging, who instigated the network of lenders. This network, crowdsourced group are not contactable through any other source. It is a purely private and independent network.

AdMain are actually based out of Sweden. The actual lenders are scattered throughout the World, however FirstStop are UK based. All legalities are covered by UK law. All paperwork is done through UK solicitors. You are just as welocme to use our chosen legal team if you would like to speed up the loan process, however we do mind in the slightest if you prefer to stick to your own lawyer.

Property valuation will be carried out by a surveyor from your local area. Feel free to contact AdMain Finance UK about any website issues, or First Stop Bridging Loans about funding enquiries. For more information on business financing visit for now.

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What We Offer

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:Professional independent lenders.We don't just offer short term bridging loans either. We can also organise:

  • Medium term secured loans.
  • Long term secured loans.
  • 2nd charge secured loans.
  • Revolving credit facilities.
  • Unsecured business loans.

meet the team

QuickBridgingLoans.UK:argon free points of contact.Mr. G. Usher - Principal lender. FSB.

With over a decade of experience within the private and independent bridging loans market, Mr. Usher has overseen financing for every conceivable reason or business idea imagineable.  Whilst you may not always get to deal with Mr. Usher directly, he has a team of people people that are top of their field.